Hi, I'm Danielle Southwick

Hear my story and how I can help you on your journey.

What I do

I currently live in Upstate NY and offer a variety of GRM programs, including online 1-on-1's and group programs. I would consider it an honor if you trusted me with your losses and allowed me to teach you some new heart skills. I don’t think you’ll ever regret investing into your own freedom. I wish I had made the choice sooner.

Danielle Southwick

Why Me?

I’ve completed over 45 unique relationships using the Grief Recovery Method and continue to do the work in my own life simply because: The work works!


I am well versed in multiple different courses. Insuring you are always on the right path.


Keynote workshops, virtual and in-person sessions.


When working with me you have access to a wealth of resources designed to help you.

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My Story

Where It All Began

I was first introduced to the Grief Recovery Method ® in 2014 when I had the overwhelming realization that my losses were weighing me down and limiting me from reaching my fullest potential. As a perfectionist, I didn’t call this grief at the time. I called it “exhaustion,” expressed that I was “overwhelmed,” and accepted that I was “burnt out” at the age of 28. I was skeptical that the Grief Recovery Method ® would work for me because I was “too far gone” having been diagnosed with complex PTSD three years prior.

During my childhood I experienced loss of trust, loss of safety, physical/verbal, and sexual abuse, being held hostage, witness to a public suicide and fought an illness that threatened to take my eyesight permanently--all before the age of 18.

I was taught to “be strong” for others and compare my loss because what I had survived “wasn’t as bad as” someone else's pain. So, I remained “strong” and pushed down each loss, not allowing myself to feel.

I remember my Grief Recovery Specialist kindly guiding me through the misinformation that I was “too far gone” and asked if I would be willing to trust this new heart process. About three days after graduation I recall waking up and being aware that I was no longer carrying around the heavy emotional burden of hatred. I gave voice to my emotions and I felt physically lighter. I was hooked. I wanted to apply the tools I learned in that group class to more relationships as soon as I could.

Five years later, there’s no going back for me. I’ve completed 33 unique relationships and continue to do the work in my own life simply because: The work works! I’m unable to fully express the amount of gratitude I feel for my first instructor and for their patience with my broken heart. To them I say, thank you for giving me hope and teaching me how to apply the Grief Recovery Method ® training!

In 2019, I decided that I couldn’t keep these tools to myself any longer and made the choice to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® (and, now Advanced). I’m so glad that I did because now I have the opportunity to pay it forward and share that same heart tools with those in my community. If you decide to trust the Grief Recovery Method ® process, you too can carry less grief and have more emotional freedom. You are not “too far gone.”


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